Glamour Magick Beauty

RIP Dolph, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Magick

November 18, 2021

Astro report:

Moon in Taurus- full moon eclipse tomorrow on a Venus day

Jupiter day - expansion. Good day for big money magick. Good day to read and gain wealth of knowledge. 

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pop culture: 

Young dolph sacrificed himself…chile 💀😩

I thought nipsey was a self sacrifice too but It’s Body snatching / sacrifice season

Did the labels have them in life insurance policies? Ya never know


Full moon Magick:

-The energy and frequency you stay in matters. Everyday is a meditation. Take it day by day. Tomorrow and yesterday are figments of our imagination

-Looking for answers with in. Writing, shadow work. Staying focused.

-No fear Bc you know it’s coming. Attracting + Faith, working in the energy of love 

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