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Mars Madness: Don’t call it a come back! Scorpio Season HIT!

November 16, 2021

Astro Report: Sun in scorpio, moon in Aries, mars day. Fiery energy!

-I told y’all with the Scorpio stellium some shit was gone go down. And some shit went DOWN in my life. What’s happened to y’all?


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-I told y’all with mercury in Scorpio we was gone be communicating different and shit was gone be exposed

-Full moon in Taurus on the 19th  kicks off eclipse season. It’ll be a lunar eclipse. More things to just shake shit up. Lord after all those retrogrades I just wanted a damn breakkkkkkkk. Shit supposed to be better after tho so we’ll see


-Cold weather has me moving slow. Don’t got the energy for the foolery.

-Don’t look up trailer. A comet towards earth chileeeeee! Scary af

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