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Mars Madness: Sag Szn, Ancestors Talk About Love, RIP Malikah Shabazz, Jelani Day Update

November 23, 2021

Astro report:

-Mars day, moon still in cancer. Necessary to ease the tension of the fiery planets 

-Sag season is here. Yes chile because Scorpio season was the embodiment of its dark and hell is hot. Remain optimistic, increase your wisdom, have fun, embrace your inner child bc we horsing around in this bitch!!!

-New moon solar eclipse in Sag on Dec 4th

-Venus goes retrograde on the 19th - don’t get married chile

-Full moon in Gemini on the 18th. — more good fun creative energy.

-Mars in sag on the 13/14th — thats when the ass beatings start lol. Remember I said choose your battles wisely and fight for justice.

-Mercury enters sag on the 24th


What y’all calling into your lives with this planetary lineup?

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Ancestors said:

-work in your north node energy to really help you progress.

-Love people through illness and health. Wedding vows apply to more that marriage


Pop culture:

-Malikah Shabazz murdered

-Mahershala Ali in Swan song trailer

-Update on the Jelani day case—s/o to 54 Keys for keeping innocent black people’s names alive

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