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Saturn is Busy: Alchemy, Kamala, the Rittenhouse Verdict & More

November 20, 2021

Astro report:

-moon in Gemini! im a writer so I Stan lol

-Eclipse reinforced staying focused and walking into alignment. 

how y’all feeling? 

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Ancestor messages:

-Ancestors said now that some people are gone you really boutta blow! Don’t fuck up your flow looking anywhere but straight ahead. vibrate in love. Spread love. The Alchemy and Chaos Magick of transmuting all energy to love

-don’t push away The real authentic love you get. To know is to feel.


Pop culture:

-Record labels and insurance policies—confirmed!!! I told y’all!!!

-Looting LV stores—these laws were changed so this would happen. Everything going digital

-Kyle rittenhouse- his case wasn’t doing enough to get peoples attention so they were like let’s kick it up a notch!!!! They need our energy especially black people’s. In the words of dominec369, these mfs is professional parasites

-Chile they boutta murk Biden lmaoooo. Congrats Kamala! We got our First Lady president. Who tf couldn’t see this coming?

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