Glamour Magick Beauty

Bye Scorpio Szn, Depression, Family Foolery & Media Shenanigans

November 21, 2021

Astro report:

-Sun day- choose you!

-Moon still in Gemini- I’m choosing silence over violence

-Sag season coming- new blog post:


How yall feeling?

Read shop and listen

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IG @1trichelle or @glamourmagickbeauty


Ancestors said: a lot of people aren’t crazy per say just they’re depressed but steer clear because many don’t want her/not ready for help or are addicted to the toxicity of it all


Pop culture:

-Jack Harlow doing glamour Magick on y’all. Gotta be lol bc the way y’all thirst is ridiculous

-Future funky ass and his live sex party

-stop being obsessed with yt ppl who obsessed with black ppl

-gun control in America

-Remember I told y’all watch the cook!!!!!! Black Friday is an energy harvest too

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