Glamour Magick Beauty

Sun Day Gumbo: Pole Shift, Homunculus Alchemy, RIP Virgil Abloh

November 28, 2021

Astro report:

-Sunday, continuing to put yourself first

-Moon is in still in Virgo, how are you serving yourself and others? 

-That winter weather really kickin in. My energy is low but I went Christmas tree shopping today. That was so fun

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Ancestor messages:

-Give things time, time is a main ingredient in Magick. Just like faith is.

-create opportunity don’t wait for it


Pop culture:


-Malikah shabazz follow up - exposed something now she’s gone

-Virgil abloh dead at 41 from cancer? Nah it’s giving straight sacrifice. They killing so many celebs I can’t even keep up no more

-Pole Shift



-Homunculus Magick- sperm & chicken egg? Y’all weird af!!!! And sick!!!!

-Magnum opus-great work

Nigredo - winter

Albedo - spring

Citrinas - summer

Rubedo - fall

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