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Venus Day: Lunar Eclipse Aftermath, Glamour Magick, Ancestor Messages

November 19, 2021

Astro report: 

-Venus day! Y’all see the lunar eclipse? I was sleep chile.

-Anywho moon is void now but it’ll be moving into Gemini soon. Continue to walk in your creativity right now especially with Venus in cap


So did y’all do any magick for the full moon? Doing nothing is still doing something. Nothing is a verb.

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Pop culture:

-Adele probably energy harvesting yall ass like summer Walker lol. I’m not interested.


Ancestor Messages:

-When you catch them in the first lie. Just stop talking lol. Bc the conversation now has no value. One lie is many lies. Done. It’s over.

—Time is more valuable than money. Never forget that. Money won’t solve all your problems but time can. You need time more than money.

-Do what you do with love! Don’t forget the love! Bring love everywhere you go.

-It’s crazy how fast you move when you look straight ahead. When you’re not looking side to side and backwards but straight forward, you move so fast. So keep your head straight! Onward + upward!!!


-The feminine urge to come up with a hustle plan!!!!!! Something women do when we ready to move but need time to catch up to us. If you rush you’ll miss things and fuck up. So careful planning is necessary. Mini goal posts and milestones.  Things will come up along the way to try to fuck up the flow but that’s where the chaos Magick comes in, so we still follow through.


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